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Mega Frenzy Happy Hour

Buy your Mega Frenzy Bingo tickets on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays during Daily Double Happy Hour or during Weekly Wild Happy Hour and maximize your chance to win!


Happy Hour

Mega Frenzy Bingo

Official Rules

  1. This casino is a governmental enterprise of the Chickasaw Nation, (the “Facility”). The Chickasaw Nation is a federally recognized sovereign Indian tribe possessing sovereign immunity from unconsented suit. The Chickasaw Nation will be offering the Mega Frenzy Bingo “Happy Hour” promotion beginning Sunday, September 18, 2016.
  2. Mega Frenzy Bingo is an increasing bingo game (“MFB”). MFB accumulates an increasing prize award from participating facilities. Patrons may purchase various bingo cards. The game price is listed on the game screen.
  3. Patrons of the Facility must be 18 years of age or older with a valid photo I.D. to participate. The following individuals and/or entities are not eligible to participate or win: employees of this Facility, employees of the Nation prohibited from participating as set forth by any Chickasaw Nation policy, regulation, law, resolution, ordinance, or action; anyone who has been barred from Chickasaw Nation gaming facilities; and any promotion sponsors and agents and/or employees of any promotional sponsors.
  4. To participate in MFB, patrons of a participating facility must purchase MFB Ticket(s) at a Kiosk or at a participating cashier station. Please check your ticket! Your computer-generated ticket must have “MEGA FRENZY BINGO” printed on the ticket along with the bingo cards that you have purchased. Computer tickets without the MFB designation will not be eligible to win. Errors must be corrected before the next game draw begins or the number and conditions registered in the MFB computer shall govern.
  5. Beginning Sunday, September 18, 2016 Patrons will be able to receive additional the Mega Frenzy Bingo tickets for Weekly Wild and/or Daily Double games by making a purchase during the designated Happy Hour time frames listed below:
    • Every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm and 4:00pm to 7:00pm.
    • Patrons will receive the following MFB tickets per Daily Double Happy Hour purchase:
      • 2 tickets per $1 purchase
      • 10 tickets per $5 purchase
      • 20 tickets per $10 purchase
      • 40 tickets per $20 purchase
    • Patrons will receive the following MFB tickets per Weekly Wild Happy Hour purchase:
      • 2 tickets per $2 purchase
      • 10 tickets per $10 purchase
      • 20 tickets per $20 purchase
      • 40 tickets per $40 purchase
  1. This offer is valid only on the aforementioned days and time listed above.
  2. Patrons are responsible for all applicable taxes.
  3. Winning patterns, pay tables, and rules for MFB are posted in every participating facility, and prize amounts are displayed at MFB kiosks and on the website at www.megafrenzybingo.com. Pay tables may be modified or cancelled at any time without prior notice. *When a patron wins the MFB increasing jackpot award, the increasing prize award amount reverts to a new base amount. At any time the increasing jackpot award is won by a patron, the increasing award amount shall be determined by the books and records of the Chickasaw Nation.
  4. At the time of presentation of a winning MFB ticket and upon verification that it is a winning ticket, the Facility will pay the prize amount associated with the winning MFB ticket and the respective bingo game. In the event of multiple winners for any one game, prize amounts will be split equally between the multiple winners. For clarity, in the case of multiple winners, all amounts will be divided equally among the several winners.
  5. By playing MFB, Patrons of the Facility agree to abide by the rules contained herein as well as the rules, policies, regulations, ordinances, laws, and resolutions of the Chickasaw Nation. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification and forfeiture of any prizes. The laws, rules, policies, regulations, ordinances and resolutions of the Chickasaw Nation shall govern this agreement. Each Patron, by playing MFB, acknowledges and consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and regulatory bodies of the Chickasaw Nation for any dispute without limit to time event.
  6. Any and all disputes shall be governed by the laws, rules, policies, regulations, ordinances and resolutions of the Chickasaw Nation. In addition, the Chickasaw Nation reserves the right to void any ticket prior to the ball draw for the applicable game, and/or change, cancel or modify this promotion at any time without notice. The Chickasaw Nation Gaming Commissioner Regulations shall govern prize claim disputes associated with this promotion. For any prize claim dispute, Patrons agree to submit to the administrative process contained in the Commissioner’s Regulations.
  7. Any circumstance that alters fair draw odds or equipment malfunction will invalidate the game results and void all pays and plays.
    Tickets are only valid for 90 days after game date. Cash out tickets are only valid for 14 days. All sales are final.